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2830 FlexiJoint™ LPR Formula 60 Softgels

For adults with normal dosage, take 2 softgels 1-2 times daily.
For adults with intense use, take 2 softgels 2-3 times daily.
Take 3 months or more continuously for the best effect.
Take with a glass of water after meal.
Use together with FlexiJoint Topical Cream and FlexiJoint HSC Collagen for a better effect

FlexiJoint LPR (Joint Lubrication and Pain Relief) Formula (A proprietary blend of Cetylated Fatty Acids: Cetyl Myristate, Cetyl Myristoleate, Cetyl Oleate, Cetyl Palmitoleate, Cetyl Palmitate)
Other Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Salmon Oil, Gelatin (Softgel), Humectant (Glycerin), Purified Water, Color (Natural Carob). Contains Fish (Salmon) and Soy

CATALO FlexiJoint LPR Formula provides 700mg FlexiJoint™ LPR (Joint Lubrication and Pain Relief) Formula containing natural Cetylated Fatty Acids Complex, which provides premium nutrition for joints without any drug ingredient added. This formula can help restore joint fluids to provide good cushioning and lubricating effects between cartilages for long term maintenance in joint structure. It is clinically proven to effectively promote healthy joint functions and flexibility and also support pain relief. Use together with CATALO FlexiJoint Topical Cream and FlexiJoint HSC Collagen for better joint relief, structural maintenance and long lasting effects.

Origin: USA
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**Expiry Date: 07/2021


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  • Promote joint flexibility, restore joint fluids and relieve pain
  • Relieve joint discomfort effectively and cumulatively
  • Maintain healthy joints against aging

Severely degenerated joints, injured joints, joints in severe pain, inflexible joints, engaged in vigorous exercises, discomfort during weather change

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