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Each person’s physique and allergies vary, so there is no specific answer. Continue taking it consistently for 3 months or more is recommended for a significant result.
"CATALO Children’s Probiotics Formula" has a selection of unique BLLA Natural Probiotics Complex to protect the probiotics from gastric acid erosion, ensuring that it reaches the intestines for maximum effectiveness.
"Children’s Probiotics Formula" incorporates a patented technology from the University of Wisconsin, which effectively stabilizes the cell count and potency of active cultures in room temperature. Refrigeration can enhance the result of cell count and potency, and it will not affect the product efficacy.
Quercetin & Green Tea Extract uses natural ingredients, and it is suitable for both children’s and adults’ long-term use to improve sensitive symptoms.
General anti-allergy drugs may cause drowsiness, causing the person to be unable to concentrate while at work or study. It is not recommended for long-term use because it may damage the liver and kidney. "CATALO Natural Quercetin & Green Tea Extract" (Ecze-Care Formula) consists of a selection of pure and natural materials. It contains no Chinese herbs or western medicine ingredients and does not cause drowsiness, and is suitable for both adults’ and children’s daily use.
Research indicates that quercetin and green tea extracts can enhance immunity to prevent sensitive discomforts. It recommended for long-term usage so as to reduce the chance of getting sensitive symptoms. However, you can take it only when you are suffering from sensitive discomfort to help alleviate sensitive problems.
Most joint supplements available in the market are promotes only cartilage growth but fail to increase the synovial fluid in between the joints. Joints that lack lubricating fluid will cause the cartilage to rub against each other. The new-grown cartilage will wear off again easily and the pain can be long-lasting. "CATALO FlexiJoint Formula" uses unique cetylated fatty acids, patented Biocell Collagen II ( hyaluronic acid (HA), hydrolyzed type II collagen and depolymerized chondroitin sulfate ). Clinical trials have proven that these are the four valuable nutrients needed for joint repair and for preventing joint degradation, while reducing pain and increasing joint flexibility.
"CATALO Bilberry Eye Formula" contains natural ingredients, so it is suitable for long-term use. The eye problems will not get worse once you stop. Experts suggest that long-term use can prevent the aging of the eyes.
Yes, children and elderly can take "CATALO Bilberry Eye Formula", especially those who always suffer from eye fatigue, dry eye, or those who always look at the computer screen or watch television for a long period of time. "CATALO Bilberry Eye Formula" contains natural and non-sugar ingredients which can maintain eye health, reduce blur vision, delay the aging of the eyes.
Manuka tree is a small tea tree that grows only in New Zealand, on uncontaminated hillsides and forest edges. In the hot summer, its flowers attract a group of bees that will brew a rich antimicrobial Manuka honey. Manuka honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and a variety of natural nutrients. It can provide the necessary nutrients for the body to maintain physical health. In addition, Manuka Honey has Unique Manuka Factor - UMF ® which other honey do not have.

Its high antibacterial effect can enhance the immune system and prevent diseases, and is especially good for improving gastrointestinal health. Manuka Bee Honey is a New Zealand's national treasures specialty. UMF ® Manuka Honey is an official registered name and business mark by UMF Honey Association. The license is only authorized with regulatory assessment and production.
Agaricus contains many active nutrients and research has proven that it helps to improve treatment result and speed, reduce side effects and improve the quality of life. It provides positive help for those who are in medical treatment or after treatment.

(Note: Due to the differences between the nature and circumstances of each treatment, the result may vary. Seek professional advice if you are in a treatment.)
Take Agaricus after breakfast or lunch since the stomach will secrete more enzymes for digestion and absorption. For those who cannot swallow a capsule, they can open up the capsule and add the powder to any kind of food. You are recommended to take the supplements for 3 months or more to reach the best result.

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