Expert Advice  Meet the expert  【Fight against COVID : Sweet tooth? 】
【Fight against COVID : Sweet tooth? 】

【Fight against COVID : Sweet tooth? 】

We all know too much sugar intake can make you fat. But a recent studies have also found that diabetic and overweight people have a higher risk of contracting COVID, as their immune systems are weakened and thus more susceptible to the disease. Therefore to stay healthy, not only you should maintain a balanced diet with regular exercise, you should also pay attention to your sugar intake!

⭕ Recommended sugar intake for adult men is less than 25-30 grams per day (about 5-6 sugar cubes)
⭕ Recommended sugar intake for adult women is less than 18-20 grams per day (about 3.5-4 sugar cubes)
⭕ The child’s recommended sugar intake is less than 15 grams per day (about 3 sugar cubes)

⭕ It is also important to choose only those health supplements with no artificial sweeteners and lactose!


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