FlexiJoint Formula
Comprehensive restoration of cartilage and improve joint mobility
Contain cetylated fatty acids and patented BioCell Collagen® extract, which are clinically proven to effectively increase joint fluid among joints, of which it can improve joint mobility and reduce joint pain to as high as 40%
Strengthen cartilage
Promote joint cushioning & lubrication
The international conference of Experimental Biology 2004, Washington D.C.

Children’s Milk Calcium Formula (Zinc Added)
Use TruCal® milk calcium complex, with contents nearly identical to that of human bone structure, easy for absorption, TruCal® milk calcium is clinically proven to reduce bone loss up to 15%
Together with chelated zinc, it aids in bone development and boosts immunity, optimizing children growth
Natural milk flavored and bear shaped chewable tablets, tasty and nutritious
Ward, L. Ph.D. 2007, ‘TruCal Milk Calcium significantly increases bone strength and improves bone biomarkers in vivo’, Glanbia Nutritionals, Inc.
CATALO New Bilberry Eyecare Series TVC
CATALO Bilberry Eye care series uses Mirtoselect®
 European Bilberry Extract, clinically proven to have the following eye protective effects after 4 weeks of consumption:

Bilberry Eye Formula
Six valuable and purified natural ingredients, providing a comprehensive foundation for eye protection
Relieve eye fatigue and maintain vision sharpness
Moisturize eyes while filtering blue lights
Nourish eyes and reduce dark eye circles
Ease eyes redness and itchiness

Bilberry EyeBright Extract GOLD
Use Mirtoselect® North European Bilberry Extract, contain standardized 36% high concentration of anthocyanins
With patented ingredient FloraGLO™ marigold extract, effectively filtering blue light and protecting macula
Complemented with valuable eyebright extract, nourishing eyes and relieving eyestrain
Provide the strongest recovery for degenerating eyes

Children’s Eye Health Formula
Containing 7 major and natural eye care ingredients, specially formulated to protect the eye health of children
Taurine and Zinc added to strengthen healthy retina and optic nerves development and alleviate myopia
Patented FloraGLO™ Marigold extract, effectively filtering off blue light from mobile devices
Complements with North European Wild Bilberry, Eyebright extract and Lycopene, effectively relieving eye dryness
Blueberry vanilla flavoured chewable tablets with natural fructose, delicious and easy to chew without any bitterness
CATALO New Probiotics TVC
CATALO Vegetarian DHA, Vegetarian Calcium Formula & Pregnancy Essential Nutrients Formula(Jelly Bite) X No.1 Mama Anita Yuen TVC
CATALO Children's DHA & Children's Milk Calcium Formula X No.1 Mama Anita Yuen TVC


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