CATALO Lung Defense & CATALO Natural Vitamin C Formula

Lung Defense Formula
Support to lung health
A combination of Quercetin and Green Tea Extract, provides a high concentration of Bioflavonoid, Polyphenols and EGCG, which are powerful antioxidants that provide antibacterial property
Reduce respiratory discomfort
Support to lung health
Repair lung cells
Reduce the chance of lung cells being damaged and mutated by harmful substances
Children's Milk Calcium with Probiotics & Acerola Cherry
Enhance immunity
made from TruCal® Milk Calcium, natural Active Probiotics and Acerola Cherries to promote your children's physical growth and well-being. Calcium is vital for children’s fast skeleton growth before adolescence.TruCal® Milk Calcium contains natural minerals, which is nearly identical to human bone and teeth structure.
Promote bone and teeth development
Enhance immunity
Keep body tissues, gums & muscles healthy
Maintain intestinal probiotics balance and promote digestive health
CATALO Children’s Milk Calcium Formula 2019 TVC