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2984 Children’s Colostrum Formula 80 Chewable Tablets

For 6 - 12 months infants: Take half tablet daily. Crush the tablet and mix into food or milk to consume

For age 1-5: Take 1 tablet daily

For age 6-11: Take 2 tablets daily

For age 12 or above: Take 2 tablets twice daily.

Chew or take as a substitute of snacks.

Safe for pregnant or lactating women

Natural Colostrum Powder

Other Ingredients: Natural Whole Milk Powder, Natural Glucose, Flavor (Natural Vanilla Flavor), Bulking agent (Calcium Phosphate) , Anticaking agent (Plant Magnesium Stearate). Contains Milk

CATALO Children’s Colostrum Formula is made from premium quality non-polluted Australian colostrum, produced by cow within 48 hours after giving birth, with an advanced low-temperature technology to produce a high concentration of colostrum. It is rich in 5 kinds of Immunoglobulin (including IgG, IgA, IgE, IgM & IgD), Insulin Growth Factor, source of protein and nutrients to aid growth and cell renewal. Clinically studies show that immunoglobulin in colostrum help to strengthen immunity and protect against viral and bacterial attacks, and improve digestive health. Cow colostrum is nearly identical to human colostrum, and is easily absorbed by human. CATALO Children’s Colostrum Formula is free of hormones, antibiotics, microbes and melamine helping you to develop your child’s full potential!

Origin: Australia
Online Price:
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  • Enhance immune system and anti-bacterial ability
  • Improve nutrients absorption and promote digestive health
  • Provide natural nutrients for growth and development
  • Promote muscles, bones and cartilage growth

Children is the growing and developing stage, enhance immunity, easily get sick, for better digestive function and appetite

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