Products  Product Category  Children  【Special Offer - Buy 1 get 1 FREE】 3002 Children’s Vegetarian DHA+ Formula (With ARA & Lutein) 26.6g

【Special Offer - Buy 1 get 1 FREE】 3002 Children’s Vegetarian DHA+ Formula (With ARA & Lutein) 26.6g

For 6 months to age 2: Take 1 level spoon daily.

For age 3-5 children: Take 2 level spoons daily

Dissolve into water, milk, juice or any kinds of drinks, stir well and serve

life’sDHA+ARA™ Natural Vegetarian Algae Extract (contains ARA and DHA), FloraGLO Marigold Extract (Standardized 5% Lutein and 0.3% Zeaxanthin)

CATALO Children’s Vegetarian DHA+ Formula (With ARA & Lutein)

Consuming sufficient DHA allows better brain & eye development, while ARA & Lutein can further promote intelligence and visual acuity during children’s development stage.

CATALO uses life’sDHA+ARA™which is the highly purified ARA and DHA, recognized by FDA as safe food for children. Since it’s not from fish, there is neither risk of ocean-borne pollutants, nor any fishy aftertaste. Accepted by FDA, it is the only source of DHA being used in U.S. infant formulas. It contains ARA & DHA in 2:1 perfect ratio that meets World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for 6-12 months infants. With patented ingredient FloraGLOLutein, it provides adequate important nutrients for eye development. The eye & brain development during fetal stage to 2 years old is critical for your child, adequate intake of DHA, ARA & Lutein can assist better brain development, improve infants’ learning & thinking abilities, visual acuity, and promote eye health.

Origin: USA
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【Special Offer - Buy 1 get 1 FREE】
Offer Valid until 31 Aug, 2020.


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  • Better brain development and higher intelligence
  • Better learning ability, memory and concentration
  • Better eyes development and visual acuity
  • Human compatible formula encourages higher absorbability

6 months & above infants, children in the developing or learning stage, concerned about children’s eyes and brain development, suffering from allergic symptoms of sensitivity, unbalanced diet. Vegetarian

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