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3238 Wellness Inner Beauty Boost 7 Packets

For Adults, take 1 packet daily after meal.

Aquamin Natural Algae Calcium Powder, Aquamin Natural Marine Magnesium, Amino Acid Chelated Zinc, Natural Vitamin D3, Pacran® Natural Cranberry Powder, Natural Acerola Cherry Extract, CordycepsPrimeCS-4 Mycelium Extract, Macador Natural Maca Root Extract, Kaneka Q10® Natural Coenzyme Q10

  • Combines 4 professional formulas including Acerola Cherry Extract GOLD (Natural Vitamin C), Pacran® Natural Cranberry Powder, Aquamin Natural Sea Algae Calcium and CordycepsPrime Mycelium Extract, which are specially designed for women overall wellness
  • Provides premium nutrition that suits women and help promoting natural beauty from inside to outside
  • 4-in-1 single serve packets for convenient and easy consumption
  • One packet daily to provide essential nutrients to nourish your body, bringing you with health and vitality
Origin: USA
Online Price:
US$22 / Box (7 Packets) Out of Stock

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1.Detoxification – Consists of quality sourced Natural Cranberry Extract to fight against harmful substances and provide a comprehensive protection for urinary tract and gut health
2. Purifying Antioxidant – With standardized 8% d-Mannitol, CoQ10 and Maca Extract to improve sleeping quality and reduce fatigue
3. Boosting Immunity – Provides natural Vitamin C that activate immune cells and collagen production to promote healthy and radiant skin
4. Strengthen Bone Density – Contains natural sea algae calcium together with magnesium, zinc and marine minerals to strengthen bone structure and improve bone density

People who want to improve bone health, immunity and overall wellness, concerned about urinary tract, kidney, respiratory and nasal health, suffer from sleeplessness and fatigue

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