Products  All Products  【Special Offer - Buy 1 get 1 FREE】 2859 Propolis Liquid Extract (Extra Strength) 25ml

【Special Offer - Buy 1 get 1 FREE】 2859 Propolis Liquid Extract (Extra Strength) 25ml

For adults, take 10 drops (0.5ml) 1-3 times daily. Take directly or add to water.

External use: Suitable for cuts or scratches, insect bites and stings, acne and minor skin infections, swab affected area 1-3 times daily.

Consult your healthcare practitioner before use for children under 2 years.

Propolis may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Test before use. If irritation or swelling of the mouth, throat or skin occurs, discontinue use

Natural Propolis Extract (Standardized 40% Propolis)

CATALO Propolis Liquid Extract (Extra Strength)

Propolis is produced by honeybees and has natural antibiotic properties, which has a long history of traditional use for maintaining healthy liver and lung function. It also helps to promote the overall well-being. CATALO Propolis Liquid Extract is made from premium quality Australian bee propolis, with an advanced technology to produce a high concentration of standardized 40% Propolis extract, and it is 100% free from alcohol and hormones. It can be used for protecting against oral infection, ease allergic symptoms, burns, sore throat, nasal congestion & coughs.

Origin: Australia
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【Special Offer - Buy 1 get 1 FREE】
Offer Valid until 31 Jul, 2020.

**Expiry Date: 05/2021


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  • Protect against oral infection, enhance immune system
  • High content of Bioflavonoid to protect tissues and cells
  • Soothe burns, sore throat, nasal congestion
  • Extra strength propolis 40% concentration, alcohol free

Sore throat, oral infection, enhance liver function, long working hours, frequent smokers and drinkers, stressful lifestyle, frequent travelers, want to ease allergic symptoms, easily get sick

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